#2: Election Results DISGRACE – No Decision!

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  1. The real issue in “finding” new votes, is: are these votes votes that were hidden because someone was afraid that Biden would lose? Or, are they ‘votes’ from people who died years ago or moved to other states.

  2. There is MORE than enough proof that there was fraudulent ballots counted. China admitted sending thousands of fake ballots. Video from cameras showed trunks of ballot hidden until all Republicans were asked to leave the area and licked out. Dominion counting machines were proven to change ballot counts. How can any American not see this.

  3. We should have an impartial Election Committee that makes rules for Federal elections that the individual states have to abide by, since some don’t have the common sense (or they are common crooks). People in positions of power should be held to a higher standard. Cops put their lives on the line every day and for a lot less money. If they make a mistake, they seldom get a break and we are told it is because “they are held to a higher standard”. Why doesn’t that standard exist for Judges, politicians and even teachers. Anyone working or, volunteering in an election should be jailed if they do something to change a ballot, or alter election results (from door knocking to counting). If we can’t turn this election around, maybe we should all become “DINO’s) and form an underground organization, so they won’t see us coming in the next election! They will think they are winning, let their guard down and then we will all vote Republican!

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