#2: Democrats Score Huge Victory – Senate Is Our Only Hope

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5 Responses

  1. Well this is stupid, Washington DC is a city not a state for Pete’s sake the democrats will try anything to stay ion power

  2. Washington DC is not ment to be a state it is supposed to be the neutral area . That way it won’t be looking out for it’s own agenda. We should have the right to say no . If the left is pushing for it then something is wrong with it .

  3. DC was ment not to be part of the US it was ment just to be hub of the governing body of the US. Making it a state is wrong and the founding fathers maybe turning over in their graves.

    1. The donkkkycraps have no respect for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil Rights, the Laws of God, they have no morals, decentcy, common curtesy. They are just common communist traitors.

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