#2: Democrats CHEAT At Impeachment Trial – What A Sham

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  1. “Good noW!”®,B”H. Democrats have no ethical concerns or lints or even thoughts! They’re just self-serving-agenda & obstruction focussed. They’ve wasted over four years, Mueller investigation, the FBI was exposed as corrupt,, and they’ve held every American to ransom & are flooding the place with immigrants to increase their voter base, because cheating didn’t win this time or in 2016. Biden is an electoral fraud President. Warnock in Senate Georgia run-offs is a cheat scam as well! It’s an obvious scam & election rackett. These corrupt SWAMPers, Stacey Abraham’s and the ICC which seems far away, are the same generic make-up, are corrupt. They must be dried out with every other bug in the SWAMP.

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