#2: Democrat Candidate Makes TERRORISTIC Threat – This Is Despicable

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Kim Burks (@guest_378371)
1 month ago

Why is this person not in JAIL? If I did that I would be in JAIL PERIOD!!!!

Samuel L. Kinsman (@guest_378136)
1 month ago

Ask her how she would react if on or in a confined space and it was announced that an explosive device believed to have been placed in same area.

John Mackey (@guest_378005)
1 month ago

This is the democrats new America and what they want for our country. And it will get worse as long as the Democrats are in the white house. That is why I vote 100% Republican as I did my homework and have seen for myself what the democrats are all about.

Jason (@guest_377996)
1 month ago

Why ia this pathetic creature mot behind bars, this is total bull cral, what is the seattle police department afraid of the racist card being pulled and tge onlg coward is the district attorney for not issuing an arrest warrant. Please dont tell me that they have no idea that this has happened.

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