#2: Court Packing Is Happening – And This GOP “Leader” Is…

This is what we should be doing:

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4 Responses

  1. Court Packing is what Stalin did after he killed 6,000 communists that threatened his power grab .
    By controling the public vote process
    By violating immigration law and permitting unlimited immigration flow across our southern border without vetting and giving citizenship
    By promising free total public health
    By socializing education
    By promising very high taxes
    By being a one party government controlling all three branches
    By controlling the media
    By rewriting the constitution and making it invalid
    By removing all firearms
    By defunding police
    By destroying religion and God
    By controlling the military
    By building one national police force with unbridled power
    A government can rule by intimidation, threat, physical harm, incarceration, and death.

  2. They have no right to pack the court, This must be stopped. Why all of a sudden is 9 not enough when it has been for centuries? Just a power grab and that is all Dems ever do is try to grab power legally or illegally they are obsessed with power. Piglosy should have retired at leas 10 years ago. Term limits need to be for all not just the president.

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