#2: Border Report STUNS Nation – This Looks Really Bad

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Beth (@guest_385223)
1 month ago

Thanks for letting all the illegals in to this country just when we had the COVID virus almost licked. The power grabbing money hungry government Biden and Harris,have made sure that it started up again. The ones that get it I hope you can SUE the government for acting irresponsible and not shutting down the border. Hopefully it doesn’t cause our country to collapse from shutting down our businesses, that and getting people off their lazy asses to get back to work. No FREELOADERS

Vickie (@guest_384983)
1 month ago

When the Republicans take back washington all the illegals that came in illegally will be rounded up and sent back home. Even the ones walking our streets today that were released. Make no mistake you can hide all you want it won’t matter they have ways of digging out the garbage.

Sandy (@guest_384906)
1 month ago

This immigration invasion must stop, if this administration does not do something now it’s up to the people contact your representatives no more of this nonsense, it’s making this country unsafe.

Michael S Dowling (@guest_384883)
1 month ago

More illegals coming by the minute or second. Here is where all the new lockdowns will come from. No thanks jerkoffs

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