#2: BLM Riots SHOCKER – I Can’t Believe This

Lest we forget. 



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      1. Thank you Jerry. I was able to read what happened at the Children’s Cancer Center. Wonder why we are just now finding out about this? We quite obviously are on our own, so we need to be the voice!

  1. That evil women has committed so much Treason against this country’s but everyone is sooooo scared of her !! , What do people think ? she as deadly as Clintons ??? She needs the hangman’s noose and until there is true accountability before the people will really believe in America again !!! DJT was doing a good job but this term is when I believe he was really going to drain the swamp and that’s why they (dumicraps) had to cheat no matter the consequence to not let him continue !!

  2. What? What groups did she think started all the destruction in 2020 in the Liberal states? They are Democrats and during their reign of terror not one Democratic leader talked against their looting, burning, beating and murdering innocent people and their businesses!

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