#2: Bill Clinton Has Some Advice For Cuomo (Hilarious)

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10 Responses

  1. Neither Clinton has good advice to give anyone about anything. Both lie,cheat,steal,and do just about anything they want with no recourse. They are criminals who both need to be behind bars. How many women did Clinton go after can only be a guess. The rich and powerful do just as they please. Has any one yet been made to pay for what they have done? NO! But it sure as hell is time someone is. Bidens son would be a good one as well!

  2. Billy was banging everything in sight while his wife was trying to run for president what is Sham these people just don’t get it they criticize Republicans with the same hypocritical things that they do

  3. NY Gov Cumo must not resign. 3term Gov needs to be impeached and criminally prosecuted not for his whore mongering but for the killing of over 10,000 seniors from COVID19 for it was his order that put infected patients in with seniors. Gov Wolf of PA, & the TG Dr Levine also must be criminally prosecuted for their orders killing seniors in PA nursing homes. Remember Levine moved her aged mommy to an apt before locking down the nursing homes. Same for every Gov and their medical secretary who did the same thing. Hanging is too nice, give them to the patients families for execution of sentence

    1. Dr. Hans I agree with your entire statement. He is a killer and a killer should pay the consequences. It’s past time for impeachment, lets get the wheels moving on justice. God bless those he killed and may God give the families peace in seeing him pay dearly! No it will not bring their loved ones back but we can not just do nothing either.

    1. Oh Billy Boy, would have that to say…We havent forgotten his affairs while in the Whitehouse, in the Oval Office too. He has morals of an alley cat.

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