#2: Biden Just ENDED It – Trump Is Furious

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14 Responses

  1. joe just sucks & this is why they say u can’t teach an old & dilapidated dog new tricks just the looks of him makes u want to throw up ,,,,,, he’s just an old fart that doesn’t even know how to get off a stage !!!!

  2. Biden is so anti American that I wonder why he lives here. He had no right to redirect funds that were already appropriated. Biden is a threat to our country.

    1. it’s over time for biden to be taking out of office before he does more damage to this country and anyone who agrees with him as maxine waters has said about President Trump drag him out of the White House by his hair and the rest of those losers mare sure they get maxie waters also

  3. This is disgusting, we need that wall!!!!!!!!! Please don’t allow Biden to do any more damage to this country. Please use that money to finish the wall!!!!!

    1. Biden has to be stopped, we desperately need that wall built! How can he give the Pentagon Money that was already allocated for the Wall ! Why the hell us he giving it to the Pentagon ?

      1. It’s all about power and Hatred. It’s really sad that President Trump is fighting against a stone wall. Supreme Court ignores him , MSM, ignores him , social media blocked him , where else can he go except God.
        I hope and pray he will triumph! 🙏

      2. That money was originally for the pentagon trump took it diverted it to the wall. Why are they using 25$ ladders and climbing over the damn wall. Something needs to be done I agree.

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