#2: Biden IMPEACHMENT Bombshell

It would only take a handful of Democrats to sign on.

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    1. You are so right. He is more than corrupt and fits in with the other Dems who are the compromised Elected Officials who have designs of being Powerful
      and rich. The day will come when those who turned against Trump will pay for their part in destroying our Country.

    2. Along with him, impeach NP – she is a disgrace and shames our country! Had 4 people break COVID quarantine to vote in person for her. She won by a few votes – 109 votes or so. She would never win an election (counted honestly) by WE THE PEOPLE!

      1. And in order to get rid of Biden, the less of three evils…Harris would be President and Pelosie would become Vise President!
        Heaven Help us. Both are poison! Satan has gotten above us!

      2. Carolyn; in what of the articles I read Marjorie Green has enough on file on both at the same time. She is very aware of success on Biden would
        put us in a worse, or at least, just as bad danger.

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