#2: Biden Gives The Order – This Is The End

I hope you’re happy David French and all the “Never Trump” evangelicals.

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  1. Let’s face it. Biden and his entire administration are out of touch with the American people. There will be more of their radical BS for the next 4 years.

  2. Why should anyone be surprised by this? Biden is merely continuing what Obummer had started. The destruction a America and the values it was founded on. Obama hates America. Biden and Harris are merely Obama’s puppets. Notice how many old guard from Obama’s administration as well as Activists from the far left Biden has appointed for his administration. Corrupt with no sense of decency, respect or
    absolute moral values. Democrats have no respect for their constituents nor will they give a d____ about what happens to the “useful idiots” who voted for them.

  3. We need a revolution and take the crooked Dems, and there are many, out of their domiciles and imprison them all, screw the constitution- they aren’t following- we need to take our country back and imprison these cheaters and imposters/ military should take over while we take a valid re- election.

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