#2: Biden Gets Shock News – The Numbers Tell All

This is the world under Democrats.

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Thad (@guest_376293)
1 month ago

Only the beginning of the end times. Get ready now give your life to Jesus.

AnimalLover (@guest_376224)
1 month ago

I wonder if Biden is proud of himself for causing this to happen! But, do to his dementia, he, undoubtedly, knows what’s going on! It sure didn’t take him long to cause this to happen and he, of course, has absolutely NO idea how to fix it!!! He probably doesn’t care to fix it since he doesn’t have to pay for the gas that does into his limo that drives him around. He certainly does NOT care about the “lowly” people of the United States who have to pay these ridiculous prices for gas, etc. How are people supposed to go to work if they have NO way of getting there and their employer expects them back in the office?!?! Can you answer that Biden — oh, sorry, I forgot he has dementia and has no idea what’s going on!!!

Anonymous (@guest_376425)
Reply to  AnimalLover
1 month ago

You might want to address your comments to the puppeteer, Obama!

Marie (@guest_376203)
1 month ago

I didn’t vote for this old fool those of you who did how do you like him now? Wait till you start paying taxes for his crazy spending

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