#2: Biden Gets HILARIOUSLY Roasted – I Belly-Laughed

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  1. yeah does anyone know how many legt votes he really got anybody working on it. We may never know for sure. Maybe 50 million at most

  2. Think about it. We know biden is one step from the grave now. All he needs now is to stumble and fall in the hole he is digging for himself. He has already pissed off just about every country. War with every country with this joker in charge. Worst part about it when his handlers wipe the dribble from his chin other countries see this too and are priming for war. How can he kill any jobs at this point for any reason. Let’s just put all on welfare and place us and the foot of king biden so we can beg for a morsel of food. This is coming. Then he can go back to his kingdom santuary. Oh please ungreat king biden. Who ever voted for this clown will soon regret that bad choice. Just be black or illegal and then you are at the top of the heap. All favors bestowed on you as if you are any more deserving than all. Being white is now a discrace. There is not enough racism in the U.S to keep anyone from bettering themselves. Just try your best and all is usually great. But then your govt. Tells you that it is everywhere. But you see minorities in every position of power. These minorities just went and made it there way. It IS up to the you to be in control of your life not your govt.

  3. All he does everyday for at least 25 minutes to sign all those executive disgusting orders and after that he goes to his banker and take a nap.

  4. Well at lest he can sign his name, that’s about all he seems to be able to do, what a sad state of affairs

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