#2: Biden CAVED In – Trump Is Laughing

Build. The. Wall.

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  1. The White House can have a fence. but we can’t have one on our southern border. I am reminded of Robert Frost “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”. Too bad our leaders are so uneducated.

  2. Would you leave your doors unlocked? We shouldn’t leave our border unlocked either. Life goes on for those in D.C that have security for themselves and their families. Same for Hollywood. Keep America and Americans safe..

  3. Good I hope Biden has seen the light about what he has done to this country, take down the fence in DC and finish building the wall on the border, and stop calling the illegals immigrants they are breaking our laws, I do feel sorry for the kids who have been separated from their families but the crisis at the border is Biden’s and Biden’s alone even though he has tried to place the blame on President Trump

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