#2: Biden Called Out – BOOM

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11 Responses

  1. Open letter to snowflakes ,
    Either you are a liberal shill trying to stir up trouble or you are a complete idiot. However, I will try and reason with you. Look around you; identity politics, slavish adherence to false science, governmental overstep, failure to come to consensus and using dictatorial methods to force their agendas. You have to see that this is governance using hate and fear. This is the Democratic Party’s cornerstone, promise everything and produce nothing as long as they can enrich themselves. Their leadership makes promises and then hide when it comes time to put up or shut up. It is so bad this time that they have built fences around Washington because they know what populism can do to inept fools,
    Now, look back; one man took it on the chin for us by the morons whose hurt feelings made them totally inconsequential. However for four years, he made sure the average Jane and Joe experienced unprecedented prosperity. He went against the elitists to make sure more jobs were brought back here. He secured the border between us and those who want what we have without adherence to our laws. He made sure fewer interlopers were allowed in to steal our resources we used for our retirees. He reverenced the military and the VA raising them from ashes to the level they were meant to be.
    Now Snowflake, go back to your handlers and tell them….”you guys have poked the bear” then go back and hide your momma’s basement, raid the refrigerator, play “Doom” and let the adults run the country.

  2. He is a liar and always will be one people should have known this before they voted this old fart in. Now because of them everyone is going to pay the price to have this fool in office.

  3. A lot of people if they known about hundred Biden before the election. They would have voted for Trump. Biden is corrupt. And he should be removed from office.

    1. To say that biden (be it the father, the son or the brother) is corrupt is simply redundant. Just like when you say democrats are corrupt, same redundancy.

  4. How many regret voting for Biden, the liar, grifter, sellout and the moron. My friends who did tell me how sorry they are.Let the real election results out.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly! He did his usual tried and true effort- tell them what he’ll do, then do the opposite. He should be impeached ASAP!!!

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