#2: Antifa Strikes NATIONWIDE – This Is Terrifying

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9 Responses

  1. I don’t understand how Antifa group and others can plan and carry out terrorist activities all over the country without consequence! I realize if our police and military stand up to this, the fear is that it will start more. But! These groups are going to continue doing this, in more places, for long periods of time if this behavior isn’t stopped. Why? Why? They have announced where they are going and when they’ll be there. It seems they have been given permission to do this over and over, anywhere and anytime, simply by lack of opposition. This is unbelievable and disgusting. The people in Washington obviously don’t give a damn. Why don’t our elected officials in our states and cities stand up to this. You all got elected to serve our country and not very many of you are speaking up and speaking out about what’s happening. Why should our citizens be subjected to this and be expected to tolerate this!?

  2. The problem here, that idiots in Washington, D.C., ok the Biden Administration, keep saying that there are no Antifa, because of this and that. But, what we see recently, someone or some group is coordinating Antifa and getting money to them. The Administration needs to get it’s head out of the sandbox. They are terrorists regardless if they only come out during the day or the night. The ACLU, is even worst. It’s supported by Soros people and one of it’s goals is to see this great country of our, go down the tubes. And, if Antifa is guilty, so is the ACLU for aiding and abetting. But it shows a thing or two, that the Biden Administration and Congress are supporters of both organizations.

  3. The jerks doing the rioting need to be arrested and locked up in a very deep prison and the ACLU can join them

  4. This is a band of terrorist thugs destroying property, gov needs to send in swat teams and take them down in order to restore peace for the community !! Incompetent local government that enables & supports these marxist terrorists need to be removed too !!

  5. im sure true Americans are getting sick of there ignorance. these people in that group are not Americans and the real Americans will eliminate them soon

    1. Agree and also the ACLU (Anti-American Communist Liberal Union) they sure aren’t American, civil or true lawyer in support of liberty for all that they claim. If Antifa were to ever win they would probably kill the ACLU lawyers first.

  6. Antifa is supported by the DEMONCRAPS. They are nothing but terrorist *****F**K YOU
    WORTHLESS THUGS should be put down———

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