#2: Antifa Is Marching – And Democrats Want To Lock YOU Up

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4 Responses

  1. In the question above about whether we think Barry Obysmal should be appointed to the SCOTUS, I see the answers no and yes, but where’s the ‘F*CK NO’ response?

    I can’t think of a worse candidate, but I’d kind of like to see Justice Clarence Thomas rip him to shreds.
    Speaking of Justice Thomas, his book is excellent. And as only the second black American on the SCOTUS, he’s an amazing man. He had a display at the Smithsonian which was taken down in order to put one up for……….Colin Kaepernick! Seriously.

  2. Based on the destruction and injuries and chaos history of the last 12 months would indicate we have dangerous people trying to destroy the government… and their political leanings are not to the right. Let’s look at the facts, total the destruction caused by ANTIFA, BLM, and on and on sure speaks a lot louder than any Conservative Political rally except one. Between Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis… (and the list goes on) it seems pretty clear where the risk to public safety and government property. And it sure does not seem to be from Trump supporters. In rallies all across the nation, in Florida, Arizona, New Hampshire, Michigan… (it too is a long list) and no fire bombed store fronts, blocked traffic, fire bombs, burned police cars. Tell me these people are rational? The hate and viciousness on display for the last five years toward Trump has reduced them to irrational blubbering idiots.

  3. Well let us not forget that mayor of Portland support these “peaceful demonstrations” then defund the police what else do you expect to happen

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