#2: Antifa Attacks – Total Media Blackout

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  1. Oh boy here we go again, the attack in Portland was part of the on going “summer of love” antifa is just a bunch of losers who want to destroy this country. the federal government needs to act to bring and end to this senseless violence but Biden has no idea what is going on

    1. Robert, the government is now run by a bunch of Cowards plain and simple. Whatever, the Left tells them to do that is exactly what they do. The MSM has always be loser because they refuse to cover the violent / criminal activities of the communist. For those who don’t believe my next comment are blind and utterly stupid. There will be another civil war because the majority of Americans are not happy with what is going on in America!

  2. Antifa and other terrorists want to destroy America. It is time we started replying with force and live ammo. They are attacking Federal installations, therefore federal rules and charges. No more local Soros bought DAs and judges.

  3. If these were Russians, Chinese, France, Germany, we would be at war and would put and end to this. But our weak leader do nothing to a radical group and let them destroy Federal, state own and private property with no consequences. And the main street media doesn’t even report it. No law and order, no government control over these law breakers. This is not the American way to handle these terrorist groups. The true Americans need to stand up and get our congressmen and senators to get the right people to enforce the laws on humanity as well as the laws that are part of our constitution.

  4. Please, let me be president for just one day.I would order the national guard to open fire at will on Antifa and blm untill every single one of these SCUM are eliminated from the face of the earth. Stop bowing down to them.They only understand violence so let’s give them violence. This can be very easily accomplished.

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