#2: All Of A Sudden Dems Care About The Police? LOL

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Rambo67 (@guest_384143)
1 month ago

Democrats care about Democrats and their pocketbooks, little children, material things. Some care about ice cream. None of them give a darn about cops, police, etc. Unless, the criminals are on their doorstep. See the Mayor in Portland for that answer. All was good til they came to his house. Or ask Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago. She had half the Police force guarding her entire block day and night 24/7 cause she was scared. Screw the city that had 50-70 shooting per week.
So don’t tell me that Democrats care about the POLICE

graceythecat (@guest_383870)
1 month ago

well when newsom nuisenc has damage done to his wine store the communist democrat cult party defecates and falls back in it! That is why they cough up extra taxpayer money to protect them and not their constituents!

Olene O'Dowd (@guest_383784)
1 month ago

This was nothing compared to the BLM and AntiFA riots, looting and burning and attack on police – where were the police then? Why didn’t they stand up then? The protestors at the Capitol did not have guns, unless you count a taser and nothing that would kill any of them. But these four were terrified and one was just so happy he voted for Joe Biden – nothing political there – haha.

cozycalico (@guest_383775)
1 month ago

Democrats got what they asked for and now they try to say they don’t like it? Interesting for sure. LOL

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