120 high ranking retired military officers question Biden’s election and mental health

More than 120 of the nation’s highest-ranking retired military personnel have signed a letter that questions whether President Joe Biden actually won the 2020 presidential election, according to The Washington Examiner.

The document, which was signed by retired generals and admirals was posted as an open letter that questioned whether the most recent election was entirely legitimate.

The group also questioned Biden’s physical and mental health, pertaining to his adequacy to the job at hand in a letter that began with the words, “Our Nation is in deep peril”:

“Without fair and honest elections that accurately reflect the ‘will of the people’ our Constitutional Republic is lost,” stated the letter, posted Monday by “Flag Officers 4 America.”

“Election integrity demands insuring (sic) there is one legal vote cast and counted per citizen. Legal votes are identified by State Legislature’s approved controls using government IDs, verified signatures, etc. Today, many are calling such commonsense controls ‘racist’ in an attempt to avoid having fair and honest elections,” it continued.

The letter went on to highlight, in addition to the questions of whether Biden should be in office, what the president has done in office. Namely, they were concerned with more than 50 Executive Orders that they called “a full-blown assault on our Constitutional rights in a dictatorial manner.”

They claim that Biden is attempting to circumvent Congress when reversing the previous administration’s policies and regulations and that they are assisting those efforts with “population control” including “excessive lockdowns.”

The retired military brass called on the FBI and Supreme Court to “act swiftly when election irregularities are surfaced and not ignore them as was done in 2020.”

The group didn’t pull any punches saying that, “The mental and physical condition of the Commander in Chief cannot be ignored. He must be able to quickly make accurate national security decisions involving life and limb anywhere, day or night. The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as ‘THE BIG LIE!’ [as] Trump said in a statement on May 3.”