#1: Voter Fraud BOMBSHELL – It’s Not Over

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  1. There is enough proof now that things weren’t kosher on the election and they need to go back and audit the machines and do forensic. When the results come in trump will have won hands down and then we need to go in and pull that bastard out of his seat and Send him to a nursing home and take all of his appointees and the Democratic Party And lock all the bastards up

    1. TRUE; really is the only way to fix things 100%. If stiff action against fraudsters continues to be overlooked, it will keep happening.

  2. . If we who believe in our country do not start to stanpup to them, we will loose.what we have left. We need a leader and we need to start at state level working for term limits. Who wants to start the liberals war? says:

    We are allowing the minority to run our country, whoever they may be

  3. The Supreme Court failed the American people…….How dare you ……….Roberts you are a very sad piece of crap to let the Dems screw around with you……..No balls, no guts and a poor excuse for a leader…………We all know that the DAY of the election our President Donald Trump won the election by a landslide……you cowards let the mail in fraud make you all look like frogs being boiled on the stove inch by inch………our country is going down the largest TOILET ever …..Nancy Pelosi and her henchmen should be tared and feathered and run out on a rail………..we have the most corrupt government now and Harris is on her way…………WOW……….PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY……….BIDEN WAS CORRECT IN SAYING “AMERICA LAST”……….what a communist he and HARRIS are………..WE MUST UNITE NOW AND NOT THEM WIN ANYMORE…………..PLEASE PRAY, PRAY ……. THIS IS THE LAND OF THE FREE , HOME OF THE BRAVE……….There is not one black person alive today that was a slave………..we don’t do slavery……they need to rethink what they are doing……..ANTIFA needs to be locked up for always…………we don’t destroy our history………get them out of our country and send them back where they belong………China too

    1. Diane, you are SOOOO right. The SCOTUS has been absolutely useless throughout. They should have put a stop to all this crap concerning a fraudulent election instead of sitting in a private office with fingers in their ears; “I CAN’T HEAR YOU.” Rarely mentioned anymore is Dominion voting machines which were the biggest fraud factor of all, overwhelming. Dead voter’s, people voting numerous times, mail in ballots, crooked counters, poll watcher denial, the whole thing. The SCOTUS knows this better than we do, George Soros $$$$$$$$$$$$$ in play??? They may have been threatened, black mailed, etc., BUT none of that should matter, they took the job knowing full well it would not be a pleasant one, and with HUGE claims of how wonderful they would be if they could just make it to the bench. Now the world sees clearly they are total BS. John Roberts biased sorry butt calling the shots; don’t the other 8 even have a say? Maybe afraid of court packing unless they cower; I’m against that 1000%, but if what we see is to be the norm, it may as well be packed; end result appears to be the same outcome. If this is what we have to look forward to concerning the high court, they should simply be dismissed and sent home. Why keep someone around that is nothing more than another TAX PAYER’S BURDEN.

  4. The Supreme Court should be unbiased and not political, but, it’s obvious that the 2020 election was rigged by the left and the Supreme Court has proven that voters are not essential when it comes to whether our votes count or not. Not approving an audit of votes and with the last minute voting changes by essential states as well as witnesses and videos taken during the election the Supreme Court can’t be counted on for anything but political BS. Right now I’m ashamed of our courts and the politics around them. They are just as much a part of the swamp as the Democrats. We can’t seem to trust people to be honest and do their jobs anymore.

  5. In my opinion, all the courts in the states that are in question failed the American people and the Supreme Courts did in spades. John Roberts was bought and paid for back when the mandate with Obamacare was decided. If he wasn’t paid for, he was blackmailed. If the left is so sure the election was fair, why are they so afraid of an audit??????

  6. This current Supreme Court is a waste of time; when there was, or is, evidence there has been possible fraud in the presidential election, also as well as in any big elections, the Court should definitely review the facts and take action so our American citizens can feel comfortable and understand the final outcome!

  7. The Supreme Court should have had step but the entire election was rigged with mail in votes.
    The court washed their hands of it as they didn’t want to be blame for riots and the destruction and burning of the cities. Just like there will be innocent people going to jail simply to keep the rioters under control. Lady Justice is dead at every level including the Supreme Court. Justice Roberts is a Disgrace.


  9. The Supreme curt should have acted on the voter fraud immediately. Chief Justice Roberts has some animosity toward Trump.

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