#1: Tucker Carlson Goes Nuclear – This Is Insane

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  1. Biden at the border:
    This is the mess that a duly unelected president has made for the country. A man who has no idea of what he is doing, and who ever is pulling his strings does not either. They don’t want to call this a crisis, that it is challenging, well it is a CHALLENGING CRISIS, a mess of epic proportions that needs a man of epic proportion to solve it. It needs a Trump to trump it. The people now on the thrown have shown that they are not capable of or able to handle the situation, and therefore need to step aside.👍

      1. Talk about your idiots. Tried 5 times to post a comment – censorship all the time on this site’s algorithm. Shame on you! How about some freedom of speech. Tryin’ the new venacular now to see if it’II post: Bye-bye-bye-den’s been tryin’ 2 be “the man” for [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] a [email protected] CHlP 0N HlS SH0ULDER. [email protected] a [email protected] picture 0f a “dumb-J0CK” trying 2 [email protected] HlM$ELF 0ff @s a “KN0W-lT-AII”. THR0WS the [email protected] of A bIustering FlT when [email protected] 0UT or feeIs be-IittIed in @ny way. The EXCU$E$ for [email protected] never end. N0W that he’s lN 0FFlCE, P0WER’$ “gone to his [email protected]” (or what-ever [email protected] [email protected] in it). He’s KlNG J0E-RGE!!!, but in reality he’s [email protected] been an lDl0T, an em-beII-isher, an @dmitted [email protected], and an 0UT-RlGHT LlAR. Just [email protected] any 0f the 0LD news VlDE0S from I 9 8 8 (Especially the 1 w/ ph0to of rep0rter C0NNlE C h u n g on it. $hows [email protected] a s0rry ex-cuse 4 a P-P-PER-S0N he is.

        1. Yeah, it posted – FINALLY!!! All who read the post above DO go check out the v i d e o mentioned.

    1. They are doing exactly what they set out to do when they stole the election. That is why they won’t go to the border and eventually WE will be replaced with the illegal aliens. It has already started by excluding white America from government aid for the poor farmers and it will only get worse as time goes on if we don’t get our rightful president back in office.

  2. The whole world Knows OR Should That OBAMA is Pulling the Strings, Harris was DUMB enough to tell about the calls Joe & OBAMA HAVE EVERY BLESSED DAY Yes & We all Know How MUCH HE Hates This COUNTRY seems to me there should be a law about a ex president that hates this COUNTRY should not be able to continue to Destroy This Great Nation without any SEAVER RETROBUTION such AS PRISON or Firing SQUAD I BELIVE it should be Considered AS TREASON !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Agree in all respects. What these people promote should be a topic of wide discussion by the press. That would have ben the case in years past, but the left has taken over nearly all forms of public communication. We are ill-served by the media and its principles.,

  3. We all know the election was stolen, Biden is an idiot, Harris ranks right up there with Pelosi, etc. But what can we do about it?

    I still have my Trump/Pence yard sign up, to at least annoy any democrat that drives by.

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