#1: Tucker Carlson DESTROYS GOP – They’re Terrified

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  1. To
    editor main street news why don,t you let people read what you put in your paper without
    the advertisement…..it is such a aggrevation that I just delete your page
    thanks Joe

  2. What about Georgia’s voter laws: I don’t know why people can’t seem to get it through their heads that this is not about voter integrity, it is about taking 100 million dollars out of a red state, and putting it in a blue state. The voting laws in these states are almost the same , so what is the real reason….. money. To keep a red state from getting 100 million dollars, and move it to a blue state to support democrat politicians. Everything else is a smoke screen. Send

  3. Air Force One takes a wrong turn. They were over Beijing when the engines quit, Biden ask the pilot what was wrong the pilot said we are out of gas. So Joe being the man of action that he is, he bailed out, he could be heard saying WHOOOA! I forgot my chuuuuuuute………….splat. Harris who happened to be on the same flight jumped too, but she got her chute on, when she tried to open it she kept pulling the wrong chord. She was pulling the chord for her kotex, needless to say that turned out to be a bloody mess. The pilot remembered to switch to the reserve tanks, and flew off into the sunset. This pilot will be remembered as a national hero.

  4. Joe Biden should not be our president. Donald Trump should have been re-elected. I think that Joe Biden ran for President many times. And never got close enough to win. His reasoning for this time was just to beat President Trump. He has no idea what is needed to run, protect, and gain the confidence of America.

    1. Didn’t Obama see his golden opportunity to get Sleepy and the Ho elected, destroy the US and claim “I didn’t do it!” Then he lied, cheated (Obama’s usual MO) and got Biden elected and is now destroying the US again!

  5. support the 2nd amendment / remove biden. harris, nancy, chuckie and any other trash destroying America

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