#1: Trump Was 1000% Better Than Biden – Here’s The Proof

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  1. Where did this pent-up demand come from, some liberal’s imagination? Because Time magazine gave away the democrat scheme of how they crookedly fixed the election, now they are looking for more immigrants to come into America to cajole into voting for their candidates. America and Americans are not looking to bring in illegal immigrants. We can barely feed our own children. We have to get the pandemic under control and do not need new cases meandering around requiring attention. So get real! There is no PENT-UP DEMAND for ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION here in America.

    1. I agree we must put Americans first Biden – Harris – other top Democrats should be put out of office before it gets any worse

      1. How is a RECALL ELECTION DONE I think it should be done immediately before it gets any any worse

  2. G it who was the better pree whaat a surprise, President Trump enforced the law, Biden ignores it, under President Trump illegal border crossings when down, under Biden they are going though the roof again you figure it who was the better president

  3. Screw it up—blame Trump. Systems collapse—blame Trump, This is all the Old Joe and the Ho’s administration is good for. I pray to God that America lasts until 2022.

  4. Trump was the best president we had & there’s not even a smidgent of comparison!! Trump was 100,000,000% better than Biden & also Obama!

  5. A wise man once said “Don’t judge a man on what he say’s, but what he actually does”. Donald Trump accomplished EVERYTHING he said he was going to do….On the other hand, Joe Biden has been in politics for half a century and has accomplished NOTHING !
    We have a poor excuse of a human being as president that is determined to dismantle our country piece by piece without a care in the world. He thinks everything is lollipops and rainbows and is oblivious to everything going on around him.If he is not removed from office, WE WON’T HAVE A FREE COUNTRY ANYMORE.

  6. Ugh!!! How can we even compare Biden with Trump!!! Biden is a sick, sick man. Just what the dems and libs wanted…someone who doesn’t know what’s going on or where he’s going. Someone who would just sign everything without knowing what it’s all about. All the dems & liberals do is play games. Unfortunately, it’s games that affect our country, Americans and the world! Deception at the highest level….. Our government is nothing more than a sewer pit of snakes and evil.

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