#1: TREASON In The Biden Administration – Democrats Sink To A New Low

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16 Responses

  1. It is so disgusting that the Democratic Party is so two faced, they pretend to be holier than thou yet protect criminal actions by members of their party! It is obvious that they constantly lie, cheat , steal, and in general act with little or total disregard for the American public!
    To me, one of the greatest proofs is their fanatic opposition to identity voting! If they truly believed that the last election was without fraud,then they should be leading the charge to prove it! However,since they are well aware of the fraud they continue to fight against verification! They condemn themselves by their actions!

  2. John Kerry has always been a disgrace and lying to everyone. He flies in his jet all over the place and then talks about emissions that is killing our planet. One flight he does puts more emissions out then the state of California when they have a normal day in 2019.

  3. You want to know anything about Kerry read the book about the Navy swift boats during Vietnam, Kerry is a scumbag when he was discharged he he went right to work demonozing the U.S.A he is a traitor and always will be one. should have been hung at the end of the Vietnam war

  4. Time to investigate Kerry. He betrayed us in Vietnam. If he did betray us to Iran and the tape is verified. Turn him to our Israel allies. Let them try him and sentence him to what they think is appropriate for a traitor.

  5. I got a big 5.00 that says they don’t do one thing about him doing what he did period. Just like they did nothing about Maxine Waters incited violence with her big fat mouth. Just like they are doing nothing about Biden’s addicted son and anything else that involves a Dem or Liberal. But you can bet if it would be different and it was with Trump or one of his people they would be all over it in spades. The Media , Dems, Rinos , AOC POS and everyone of the scum butts in Washington.

  6. If guilty of leaking information to the Iranians he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I my opinion he’s always been a piece of garbage. Not worthy of any position in this government

  7. Karry needs to arrested for treason he is a disgrace to this country and our allies he needs to go to prison

    1. Seems to me with John Kerry around, he has taken Adam Schiff place, they both should be charged with treason. Both apparently like to try to be a big man, when they are pathetic. Hope someone does something about them.

      1. I agree. Kerry is a habitual liar and is always doing treasonous things. He needs to be ousted from any government nod. He is a security risk to America!!

    1. Kerry should have resigned a long time ago as he is another rat. There are a lot of rats these days but Kerry is an old one as he has been around causing trouble a long time now just like Piglosy.

    2. They All should be Impeached for Treason thats exactly what they are doing. They’re Traitors.

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