#1: This Was Biden’s Plan All Along

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  1. Biden IS an “Idiot”, WAS an “Idiot”, . . . an AWAYS WILL BE, an “Idiot” . . . there it is !.

  2. Biden has no plan except to destroy the America we know and make it into a 3rd world country this is a sick man and a sick Democratic Party who is pushing this agenda God help the USA

  3. All the reason for our Supreme Court to examine the 2020 election and PROVE President Trump won it! He should be reinstated and TRY to clean up this gigantic mess Joe Biden has created! We are rapidly losing our beloved country to Communism!

  4. Our country under Biden’s direction, along with the help of the liberal news media who fall into order with his agenda, is showing their true attempt to strip this country of our rights and liberties. By the media hiding this and not questioning such criminal actions is proof that they are working against the citizens of this nation and are just as guilty for the role they are playing to undermine our freedoms.

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