#1: They Gave The Vaccine To HIM Before Us?

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  1. These are Biden’s priorities. He is totally out of control and abusing his power as President of the United States and has to be impeached, IMMEDIATELY.

  2. We cannot survive as a free country with a mental case as Pres. when he belongs to China. It just is impossible to survive the sick Dem. party. Bet Pres. Truman is turning over in his grave.

  3. Tell me we aren’t being run by commies! Anybody voting for Biden should be stepping off a cliff! How can anybody hate Trump so much that they would vote for such a commie party? Rather u left the US and see what it’s like living in a commie state. I gotta believe there aren’t that many stupid people out there and the election was enormously fraudulent. Those who still support this sham government should leave the country… permanently.

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