#1: They Admitted It – Caught On VIDEO [Watch]

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8 Responses

  1. OMG ; This is for all you Commies out there I like a President that Loves America we went from MAKE AMERICA GREAT to America sucks.

  2. CNN needs someone to read, correct, and grade their stories before they go live with them.

    Oh! Wait, isn’t that the editor’s job?

    I think they should @nalyze that. Don’t worry, I won’t blame them if they can’t.

  3. We are so sick of these bills to destroy our great nation. Senators tells us to speak up I sign petitions and add my two piece in every chance given. Can we abolish this government regime? What else is there to do? God help us.

  4. Nazi Propaganda help Hitler spread Communism.

    Now our own Media is doing it right here every day.

    I thought I lived in The United States of America.

  5. Can anyone say cummunism….. the media and the state as one.. we the people will be the ones who suffer. The ones that think this is a good idea now, will soon find out that maybe the state won’t like you and you are censored, lose your job, jailed and not ever let out… as soon as the democraps get rid of one problem they move on to the next problem they can make….

  6. America and the world has given too much power to the media which is now owned by our enemies. Soon after 9-11, terrorist countries formed blind funds and bought up AP, UPI and Reuters to control our news then the parent companies of the networks to control the networks then the networks themselves including FOX to control all of the information in America and the world. Now they are buying up controlling interest our Social Media, never enough to be obvious, but enough to control the known owners.

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