#1: The Biden Presidency Isn’t Being Run By Joe Biden

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19 Responses

  1. Every last Dem governor and mayor, senator and representative both at state and federal level should be responsible for the care of every illegal IN THEIR HOMES! They can spend the 57,000++ raise they granted themselves in their “COVID bill” “Clap for that you stupid bastards!” resident puppet, Joey Bye-Done

  2. The gov’t is being run by Harris , Pelois and the squad. It has taken only 50 days to undo some of the good Trump did . Wonder how much damage they can do in next 3 years plus

  3. The USA is ready for invasion … the pompous Dems are so full of themselves and concerned about the uniform of the troops than the morale and training of the troops…. we are a sitting duck with all the morons falling over each other to bring the country down…. we need the Lord to help us out of the hands of the devil…

  4. With biden so weak now. we the people need to watch out for an invasion from any country that watches babbling biden from his hideout. As long as he gets his usual 10 percent he would be fine with the new usc. United states of china. King biden all to hail with him

  5. Who technically is in Charge? Is it the VP? OR The SQUAD is my guess….they are trying to make this country like the one people are escaping from . Does no one have any ideas?

    Someone has to lead to put these illegals into the buses and drive them home.

    Hope all the Biden voters are happy.

  6. Obama is serving his third term via the brain dead Biden. The big O wasn’t able to destroy our country in his first eight years but he’s well on his way to success this time around!

  7. I don’t think it matters whose running America at this point because if you’re willing to cheat your way into office eventually voters will vote you out. Dishonor will get you nowhere in the long-run. Voters will rise up in November and you will finally see your mistake. You will leave this life knowing you were wrapped in dishonor…then how will you explain that to your Maker (Lucifer)?

  8. Make a list and place a cross-hair on them. We need to to target them to remove them from our government. There is not a “who” in this leadership, there is a WHAT. It is easy to lead when the path is downward all the time.

  9. When is the military going in and take control of the Looney Tunes running this country Put Trump back in because he did win the election with all the fraudulent elections that the looney liberals are trying to hide.

  10. I presume Jill Biden is running Joe, ergo the presidency. Until proven otherwise, I’ll hold on to that presumption.

    1. I have doubts regarding Biden’s actual presence. I’ve seen several pictures of Biden, recent and in the past. The “recent” Biden has entirely different shaped ears from the earlier Biden. My thought is that there has to be a “doppelganger” acting in Biden’s place. To be sure, neither one, if I am right, is anything to boast about.

  11. Be proud of yourselves Democrats. You have set the nation on a path of distruction. There are citizens who don’t have food for the table and you Dem’s want to bring in illegals so you can feed and house them. That alone should show what your aims are in respect to our countrys future.

    1. Why should republicans pay for this?! We are TOTALLY against it! Only the democrat states should pay for the stupid items on THEIR agenda! Perhaps more people would see the light and vote republican then!

    2. I agree with you Louis
      Democrats are totally destroying our great country. We are proud to be an American but now what??? I pray that we will be ok. May God bless America.

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