#1: Terrifying Biden Shocker – Oh My Gosh

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        1. We need to stand up against reverse discrimination created by the Democrats and the Biden administration . Before you know it we’ll be on reservations like the Native American Indians. They are the true owners of this country. Starved and drove from their own land and homes. You don’t see them whinnying like the Negroes do. They sold their own people into slavery. Now they blame white people. Now they want to teach our kids in school that they should be ashamed of being white. Democrats are truly the epitome of stupid !!

  1. When they start all this crap you will see big companies leave again and this time they will never come back. They are not going to trust Washington again and you can not blame them. We the people will got screwed every day and there is not a f–king thing that we can do about it. They got away stealing this last election and no one stopped them so they will just do it over and over again. It then will be time to have two countries. One for the rule of law and the other make up things as they see fit to help them

  2. What the hell is wrong with democrats they break their necks to screw everthing up. Then a republican takes their whole term just to get it back the way it was

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