#1: Shocking Video Shows Biden’s Plan In Action

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  1. Gee the Biden administration has been saying all along that there is no crisis at the border, Biden and his handlers are tracing the constitution left and right their actions are a slap in the face to all law biding citizens, including those who have come to this country legally Congress must do something to stope this from continuing but of course they will not, I remember taking the oath of enlistment in the USAF and each time we swore to defend the. nation against “all enemies foreign and domestic” it seems that some of those enemies are in DC what a disgrace this is to all that have served and are serving today

    1. Biden started building a wall on his first day at the White House, but the only thing is he put it in the wrong place ( around Washington ) what the hell for , nobody but criminals want into Washington . The wall needs to be finished on our SOUTHERN BORDER , we need to keep the people out so we as a Nation can get thru COVID, after everyone in the USA that wants one gets one, then we can start working on letting in the people who want to come here and help us , which I am sure there a lot of them but the process needs to be followed so we don’t end up with cartel members and other scum that do not want to better themselves or America. My families came hear legally so can everyone else, other wise we end up with a Nation of crap like California and Mexico, if you want to come here you can wait to do it the legal way , and if not then no exceptions you will be deported when found , it may be a week a year or maybe 5 years but you will get caught, and if I had it my way we brand an X in your forehead so you are easy to spot the next time around

  2. There is a Treaty with Mexico. American won the Mexican American war. They don’t own the country of America. They have not been taught that a war occurred and America won. The migrants must start in there country to apply for citizenship. The democrats are committing TREASON.

    1. There is more. I lived in Mexico for 2-1/2 years. They hand out pamphlets telling Mexicans how to cross the border illegally, and how to blend in to American society (dress, etc ) so they are less likely to get stopped and questioned. My housekeeper thought it was funny. I thought I needed a new housekeeper, so got one! They USE us like their social security system. And living there can be a nightmare for Americanos and Canadians. My house was broken into twice, and almost a 3rd time! They got 90% of my jewelry, including that inherited from my Mother. The person I rented from said it was my fault because I didn’t lock the door right. The police did nothing, nada zilch, zip! Go to court against a Mexican and Gringos lose. Violent, vicious. I liked Mexican people in my office before I went there. Not now.

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