#1: Shocking Kamala Moment ENDS Media – They’re Done

This is the “free and independent” press in America. It’s essentially the state media at this point. This is the end of whatever credibility they have left. 


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2 Responses

  1. Agreed! This process should start immediately with both parties stepping up to the plate. I’m very uncomfortable with having to wait for one side or the other. NOW, is the time to start pushing for clear and accurate news. We all know our present President is being controlled by others, which is why we should not wait. If want to see things change we need to start asking questions. With one media reports something and the other ignores it, WE SHOULD be smart enough to know that something is wrong. Challenge it immediately, raise questions, open the subject to the citizens, ASK for clarification from both sides, BRING OUT the truth as soon as possible. We the citizens are intelligent enough to realize when something is out of wack. Our future generation, which will be “our” children and grandchildren. Give them a new foundation to build on, our present one has way too many cracks! Thank you Gary for opening up my mind, it’s a start.

  2. The free and independent media has been gone for years. We now live under a State Controlled Media whose agenda is to censure and hide the truth. However, this will come back to haunt them and already is. There are some liberal news media that are tired of getting no answers from the Biden administration and it’s only going to get worse. But then again, they got what they voted for. Under the FCC Guidelines, a news media can be shut down when it purposely hides the truth and gives misleading statements. If the Republicans take back the House and Senate in 2022, they need to utilize the FCC guidelines and shut the state controlled news media down.

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