#1: Shock NEWS Rocks White House – They Are Refusing…

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  1. The shot is a Tag!! If you put a small magnet on it at the place the shot was given it will hold on and won’t fall off. Shows there is metal in it that will show up on scans. No matter where you go there you are..

  2. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Get in line for your euthanasia shot while supplies last. It’s a real killer… What the hell is the matter with you sheeple?

  3. I don’t know why everyone in the USA isn’t taking the same thing the people in the Philippines is cooking their food in to KILL ALL viruses. Organic Virgin Coconut oil. The President of the Philippines went on TV and told his people you must add Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to your Diet everyday to kill the Covid-19 virus. It also killed the SARS virus in 2003 in the Philippines. Wake UP AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have and it works for me for almost 29 years now ! The acids in the oil go after the proteins in the virus and destroys them, after that the virus dies. Simple ! From Nature ! Why take a vaccine that only works for one virus when you can buy this oil and it KILLS all viruses. They all have proteins ! Must be a marker in the proteins.

    1. Dr. Fauci does not want this to be ” KNOWN” He wants people to be vaccinated and then in the future he will enforce vaccines for citizens that will end up costing money, that he will get RICHER ON! I use coconut oil to gargle with, use it as a skin ointment and to cook with (some things) I always have a jar on hand, and use it daily. It’s great and I notice that if I miss a day, my body tells me! Inexpensive and natural! NO SIDE EFFECTS the government does not want people to get well on natural products, because pharmaceutical companies make billions with SIDE EFFECT crap!

  4. 1/ Interesting ….
    2/ Telling detail ….

    A huge (!!!) “Thank you” to whoever dug this up.

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