#1: Shock BLM News – This Is Insane

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  1. What a demonstrable shocker — these people set out to bring America down amd now someone wants to reward them — it is sickeninhg

  2. Well in today’s world the Nobel Peace Prize is meaningless because it can be bought. It was good when it first started, but not now

    1. The Nobel Peace Prize doesn’t mean anything anymore . Hussain Obama , who gets bent over the chair 3 times a week by his he-she ,, got the Peace Prize and hardly NOBODY knows what he got it for .

  3. Well, if Obama could get it for doing nothing, why not. It is officially a meaningless prize. Sad. President Trump actually deserved it and didn’t get it.

  4. Black lives matter was just a ploy by the leftist showing that they were in control of the United States of America (as far as the Government anyway).
    I’m sure they are the ones who have pushed for the Noble Prize for BLM. I am so sick of this whole matter. I almost didn’t say anything about the report.
    Those who have been identified should be made to ply for all the damages. Those responsible for killings should be made to pay for their crimes.

  5. If that prize is really for someone that helps make a lot of peace on this earth they need to give it to Trump. They know he deserves it. What a bunch of chicken s-h-i-t-s.

  6. The left had a meltdown when Trump was nominated for 2 Nobel Peace Prizes because he actually was instrumental in restoring peace all over the world. These BLM bozos burned, looted, killed, maimed and continue to do so in our great nation. What could possibly be included in the letter of nomination that would qualify these blood thirsty jackals. Unbelievable!

  7. Wow, what a shocker. BLM responsible for the damage? How did I ever miss that I wonder? It’s only the blacks that feel their lives don’t matter. When they start caring, cleaning up the stereotype, stop killing each other, reduce the 70% black committed national crime caused by the 13% (black) population it’ll show that BLM.

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