#1: Scandal ROCKS Biden Admin – Resign IMMEDIATELY

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20 Responses

  1. Robert Byrd was a democrat senator and an ex-Ku Klux Klan head member. Plus he was Biden’s best friend. And we are to do away with the police. I can tell you if the police weren’t there and someone came to this nut job’s house guess who she would call first? I know you know who.

  2. Make sure she don’t have security. Everytime someone is neg. On police they should be put on a list for police not to respond to I’d they have any kind of disaster at home or on the road or anywhere!!!

    Belongs slumming with her ANTIFA & BLM buddies.
    You know the Democrat armed paid & funded Murdering B**** Hit Squad
    She can s***vice them with her Very Big Filthy Mouth

  4. This piece of B****k Racist Hate filled Anarchist aka Horror Show has to go.
    PURE POISON & an abomination to any party that CONDONES this **** language & RACIST HATE.
    She also needs a very large muzzle.

  5. She should be immediately removed. The Democrats have let the enemy within our Country and something is going to explode. Is that why they have fences around them. When it’s tough it’s not going to help them

  6. She sounds like a blm person to me. Sure they want to get rid of police! That way they don’t have to worry about getting arrested.

  7. Well when the crap goes down. Don’t bother calling 911. Just take care of it your own self. Good luck with that one. Soon we won’t have any law or order. Just do what you fell like. No problems. Tired of noisy neighbor just wack him and roll on. Some guy just held you up and stole your car. He just needed it more than you. All good. Food order wrong blow place up. hell with it. A drug addict shot your family up and killed them all. Hell you didn’t like all of them anyway. What a joke………. stupid is as stupid does

    1. All of sicko joes thugs seem to come from the dark underground, AKA. The swamp. I’m surprised he didn’t find a job for Comey and his gang of liars.

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