#1: Rush Limbaugh Was The Greatest – Just Look Are These Testimonies

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13 Responses

  1. I’ve listened to Rush since he went national never wavered in my belief in his ideas most of the people in my family are very liberal in their opinions and didn’t like him at all. I took a lot of grief from them for my loyalty as a listener. I will truly miss him and his wisdom. God bless you Rush may your soul be comforted in Christ

  2. I am truly sad today we lost one of the true speakers for Freedom of speech he loved the United States and its people just like President Trump he had such a wonderful way of telling it like it was. Rest easy Rush with are Lord Jesus Christ and know we will keep up the good work of are Constitutional Rights We will keep your family and friends in are prayers 🎚👏🇺🇸

  3. Does anyone believe sleepy Joe wrote that stack of executive orders? No. Does he understand what is in them? No. Our only hope is for people like Trumpka to see the harm and ask him to undo it. It’s so easy for those who have to destroy further those who have not. It’s so disingenuous to cancel things like the pipeline and not have the same good paying jobs available without having to uproot their lives. May they all rot in hell.

  4. Rush was the greatest. I learned so much from this man. He told it to us and we knew how true he was. He was so generous. He loved our country and the troops. He did alot for them. He love all of us. He will surely be missed. But since Rush so many have taken up his cause. I love talk radio and Newsmax and conservatism. Miss you Rush and God Bless

  5. I along with millions upon millions of people here in the USA and around the world want to say a BIG TIME THANK YOU to Rush for carrying the water for us over the past 3 decades plus. You were truly a pioneer, a hero, a champion and a giant for the conservative movement. You spoke what was on many of our hearts with such clarity and depth. You made the complex simplified and always with brevity. I salute you El Rush Bo and may you RIP in the presence of our God who gifted you with such talent, wit and insight. May the peace of God flood the heart, mind and soul of Kathryn and family, and His joy sustain them during this most difficult time.

  6. Carlene ,Richard , you`re both so correct ,as a person in recovery I thank God Rush could beat his addiction to pain meds .and was a true inspiration to me and all his followers ,he will be missed ,commie Joe will ruin this country in the next 4 years ,I just pray that america can fix what his handlers do to this country

  7. did anyone notice Pelosi when Rush got the medal… she would not even look up
    or stand up… bad bad girl.. not surprising

    1. Really enjoyed listening to Rush’s programs. In regard to Pelosi, hopefully after the elections in 2022 she will get on her
      broom and fly away. Her and her husband have lived off the U.S. taxpayer for too long.

  8. Add my name to the list of Rush, Limbaugh and Trump supporters. I dread the next four years with Joe in charge. Pray for the U.S.A.

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