#1: REMOVAL Confirmed – DC Is Buzzing

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    1. About time. That White House and Capitol belongs to the People. Not the one’s who are supposed to work for us.
      Take the fence and razor wire to the Border and finish our Wall. Then put the Illegal’s Immigrants back in their Country. We cannot afford them.

    1. They need to get rid of the eye sore, pelosi is evil, crazy, and guilty of a lot of things, probably why she stays in a tizzy. She has policemen to guard her. Sounds weird since they want defund them!!.

  1. I think we need to get rid of all on office /Government officials and start all over ..what a mess…and look it’s Democrats…oh my goodness

    1. democrats always makes a mess after a republican, they want, “one world order”, why the border is open to terrorist and illegals. drugs comimng in, they like making money, and Pelosi was the one scared after setting up trump with the lies about him starting the riots., but yet, her followers are still burning and rioting in Portland.

    1. So very true. Pelosi and Schumer are the threats to Americans. The tax paying Americans get screwed so the democrats can get more votes from illegals. Nancy can live behind her pearly gates and let illegals in while not protecting us, the hard working and honest people that work for a living. This will cease and desist, I hope, without a revolution

  2. All of that money wasted when it could have been spent on building up the military. We will need it with this old fart. He is going to take us into war because they all know he is so weak

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    I am happy that the fence is finally coming down. That’s the peoples Capital, Pelosi is only a rep.
    from San Francisco district 12. San Francisco is a mess, it wasn’t 17 years ago, but when Pelosi came
    to DC, it became a mess. She forgets who voted her in. The people thought they voted her in, but
    She eventually voted herself in, so for 17 years San Francisco has been dying.

  4. My hope is that some day we can go to San Francisco again, it was a beautiful city, before the sanctuary days.

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