#1: President Biden’s FBI Strikes Again – This Is Terrifying

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12 Responses

  1. Nancy is not very mature, she should have taken her laptop with her, you don’t leave that type of information laying around in a situation like that. Or maybe it is not missing at all, its just another way to keep the negative narritive alive. The drama queen does like to take advantage of anything and any body.

  2. Where is the warrant and what evidence was presented to the judge to get the warrant? Which judge issued the warrant?

  3. I would sue Pelosi & her Gestapo for threatening her & her husband’s life with drawn weapons. They could have politely knocked on the wrong door with weapons holstered, but they chose not to.

  4. I agree that the FBI has been a disgrace since the Comey episode it is not doing the job it should be doing. I also think that Bill Barr was not doing a very good job as DOJ it makes you wonder what a flawed institute the FBI has become. I don’t trust the FBI at all. The Roger Stone episode was also a disgrace not investigating the voter fraud that went on is also a disgrace. I sure do not look up to it the way I used to think about the FBI It did a terrible job during the Obama corrupt administration.

  5. like anyone would keep her laptop and the FBI should make sure they have the right house stop guessing someone could get shot why didn’t they just get a warrant and a few go to the house to search it not break in when people are in bed how would they like it if it happen to them

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