#1: President Biden Announces Vaccine Mandate – Nation Stunned

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Sally (@guest_383611)
1 month ago

Demented rapist pedophile briberous influence selling creepy Joe is going to end up in court again and lose again.

How many times does the court have to tell Joe he is a racist, bigot, breaking the law, or unconstitutional before he stops trying to implement his sick liberal bull schiff. We must be on round 14 or 15 by now.

you stupid liberals / democrats committed voter fraud to this? what the heck is wrong with your heads? You must be has demented as joe is.

Jimmy Hayden (@guest_383588)
1 month ago

The Government wanted me too go to Viet-nam so I went, I came home later found out I had Cancer from Agent Orange, now the Government wants me to take the Coved-19 Vaccine, I think I will not take the Vaccine and the Vaccine is not proven to work, I have had enough of Government Mandate

P.S. Bill Gates said he would not take the Vaccine.

Shelia Herring (@guest_383552)
1 month ago

I think it’s reprehensible !!! If anyone who has a medical degree, has reason to believe that they shouldn’t take the vaccine, should we not take that into consideration ????
What happened to freedom of choice ??? Maybe time to find employment elsewhere !!! I just hate to see our veterans suffer because of IDIOT’S mandating others health care !!!!!

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