#1: Powerful Republican Just CHECKMATED Dems – This Is GOLD

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  1. I heard there was 21,000 tax credit for all federal employees to pay for private schools for their children.Is this true?

  2. I think they should take how ever much time it take to read the whole thing to all American people. Let’s just be transparent with this to see how they would back that idea!!!!!

      1. Jum, they do that because it is yahoo a libtard site that only covers democrats in a good light. so when there is something an “anonymous” fact checker that always refuse to discuss your posting simply delets it and says you did not comply. But they never say how. They refer you to a manifesto that only lawters understand and in the end they say “oh well, we are a private company so we can do what we want” and we let them get away with it.

  3. I think there should be a committee appointed of citizens to listen to this BS and have a say in exactly what is allowed, since these jerks never represent us anymore.

  4. Why can’r some of us regular folks get into these meetings and listen and file objections on our behalf!!!

    1. because Nancy p said we will try and kill them!!! that’s why she has OUR BUILDING UNDER GUARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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