#1: New Report EXPOSES Bill Barr – Republicans Furious

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  1. Barrr was a plant! He is a part of the Bush Cheney regime, as are Lizzie, and the rest of the rinos. Waiting for the Barr appointed special investigator. No report yet, and only 1 indictment. Seems Barr’s trip to all those foreign countries regarding Russia collusion, were to shut them up.

  2. it was a dead giveaway bill barr was holding back you have to read between the lines that tells it all

    1. Ernie, yep exactly so. He would not do anything that was right and Wray has always been a back stabber and creep. And as for the swamp we as Americans are just now starting to understand where Trump was coming from when he continued to say he needed to drain the swamp. They are traitors to this country and would sell their mothers for a buck.

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