#1: New Evidence VINDICATES Trump – He Was Right All Along

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4 Responses

  1. Looks as though the Chinese Communists are guilty of what was suspected long ago, THEY ARE DEVELOPING BIOLOGIC WEAPONS OF WAR! They wanted to attack President Trump during run up to 2020 election in a way that would cripple his campaign. With the help of the Commucrats in this country they did it. It is long past time that the so called “Democratic” party is identified properly as Communists! The farce of an election for 2020 has been in the works since before the 2016 election. The Commucrats are so evil that they have plans for years beyond our lifetime to destroy all our freedoms and liberty. God help our children and grandchildren. PRAY AMERICA, PRAY!

  2. All one needed to know is that Peking was involved. And Taiwan IS a country.
    A wee bit of understanding communists and the “inscrutable” Oriental mind is enough to know something sneaky was taking place.
    China should be permitted to participate in or host any international events, sporting or otherwise. The IOC should take note, and Formula one should never return.
    And that is after making the world whole as a court would say in a civil suit.

  3. Also Ms. Harris just adds to it. She wanted the title of Vice President with the hopes she would become President, but she doesn’t want to do the work.

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