#1: New Evidence Blows Controversy Wide Open – President Biden Needs To Apologise

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11 Responses

  1. What did people think when they voted for Biden. He’ll he told you everything he was going to do. His speeches are written by Obama. Obama from day one started the race war. Obama and Biden stoke the election from Romney. Problem is we have a bunch of Democrats that are uneducated.

  2. Well by now. Biden,Harris should know they will NOT be re-elected ,
    And I sure hope we get Trump back.
    Biden , Harris should be impeached and removed. They both are unfit to serve,
    They are failing at the border, And all the illegals will be send back to their home land.
    They are a joke,

  3. Biden hates America, the country that has given him everything. Democrats: the party of slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow. And Biden, himself, calling blacks super predators, fighting against integration, presenting legislation with very harsh penalties that jailed millions of black men.

      1. If we impeach no brain Biden we get Kamala and that would not be an improvement by any standards. Then if we impeach Kamala we get Piglosy- again no improvement. WE are stuck for 4 of the longest years in history. I just hope we have a country left by the end of 4 horrible years. We are losing our credibility around the a world and Biden can say nothing but “Come on man” That is the only phrase he has in his mind.

      2. Obammer REALLY set us up good with this election! Now I think I know why he had thousands of plastic coffins stockpiled!

  4. Biden had no business saying what he did, this issue is not a national issue, but the border is and he still has noway to stope the crisis that he started and as for Harris where the heck is she not at the border that is for sure

    1. Are there ANY Democrats who do their jobs properly? Most are loud mouths and camera seekers looking for attention. They think nothing is sacrosanct
      and will do anything for publicity or to further their agenda. Unfortunately, the majority of “the little people” don’t like or want any of their shenanigans!

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