#1: New Biden Scandal Explodes

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    1. Tom………….you have an uncanny way of pulling out from those that have pent-up frustrations. I was out busy on the 20th, but had my iPad perched on the console of my truck in landscape position, and begin to watch the inauguration proceedings. Less than 10 minutes into it I become so sick and had to turn it off. The trigger that was so sickening was watching Kumilla make her grand entrance and stooped down to hug a little black kid’s neck as if to portray ….”honey if I can make it here….you can too.” Yeah…..right..! via “going down” that route with Willie Brown I suppose. This idea of impeaching them straight away cannot be done as there is no mechanism in the Constitution that allows any removal from office or changes to our votes without them causing much damage and mayhem before their term ends. I have often advocated that something be done to….”quickly”….ascertain whether a person should be removed from office or not. (Ref: Pelote’sk’i being continually re-elected to office and subsequently the speakers chair. This is such a despicable situation and is a prime example of what I am talking about and is ripe for quick removal. Just let your mind wander a bit to conjure up just where America would be today if Pelosi were not in the picture. I strongly suggest that you and all readers on here get a heads up on the current situation of…COS…”Convention of States.” Look it up….this to me is the only way “We The People” can make lasting changes in Washington DC. It is like a one-shot deal, so this COS movement is rapidly growing, and can bring lasting changes to the way Washington DC is run. Look it up. Everything you need to see and know is on the internet.

  3. If this person was the peoples choice why does he need all those troops and cyclone fence with razor wire on top. You democratic voters made a big mistake.

  4. You notice they use people and then bash them. Look at the loyal National Guard. Put them on parade,
    investigate them like criminals, send them to the garage to sleep after their usefulness is over. Get them out of my sight,
    they say. Remember Obama said he wanted his own “army” not the American one. What did he mean? Is that where we are headed? Is Antifa their

    1. Yes, Antifa and BLM.

      Obama stated in 2007: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

      By the way; Obama is the one currently giving orders to Biden and Harris. Believe that.

  5. Biden does not really care for hard working Americans…how can he if he rescinds a Trump Executive Order that was put in place to aid lower income people with acquiring much needed life saving I insulin for $35.00 per month co-pay. At this point I am disgusted at this play actor politicians who do not give a hoot about the backbone of America! We Americans should push to impeach Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell. They are all spineless care about nothing but themselves and their political aspirations and elf-serving personal agendas. I am so disgusted!

  6. Can’t wait till Trump makes a come back whether it’s now or a year from now ,best president to ever hold office .He did so much for this country and now the Dems are set on undoing the good things he has done ,Biden is not my president I did not vote for him.

  7. Can’t wait till Trump makes a come back whether it’s now or a year from now ,best president to ever hold office .He did so much this country and now the Dems are set on undoing the good things he has done ,Biden is not my president I did not vote for him.

  8. Cannot believe that the self-absorbed Dumbocrats are letting their “ no brain, senile, can’t put a 10 word sentence together candidate, knock out ALL the money-saving good things “ for the people, that Trump worked so hard to get. Just really shows the empty headed crooked Foe-Bid-En changing things that Trump did, all because they hate Trump so bad. How childish and petty these tech bigwigs, The Hollywood air heads and the crooked politicians who want nothing more than money and power. They also want to hide all the illegal dealings and the fact that they are officeholders and cannot be charged with a crime. They are the political mafia and do not care about average Americans, only themselves. They are like jealous, mean children fighting because they hate one man that the rest of us Americans loved and believed in. How stupid they are.

    1. Hey, I totally agree with you about all the good that Trump did for our country and how Biden and his team are seeking to tear it all down as quickly as possible. But we need to remember that God is still in control, and He even uses bad stuff to achieve His plans. Let’s continue to pray fervently as we watch and speak in all ways that we can. Firing bad with more hateful words and insults is not what we need to be doing. God can still turn this around, and one day the truth will be known. How I long that we would have a good president as Donald Trump was back in office.

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