#1: Never EVER Listen To Anything The Media Says – This Picture Shows Why

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  1. Find out who was running the ballot distribution; it masterminded the election fraud and put Biden on top. It was run my a mafia like operation.

  2. I have run out of salt to listen to the Idiotus so I do not turn them on. I am trying to control my blood pressure and listen to the media’s causes it to increase to a violent …..

  3. One of the truly independent columnist said exactly what I feel, “Were there’s smoke, there’s fire.” I’m a retired engineer, so I’m not afraid of numbers and I know what they mean. How did Trump have a lead after midnight, and lose after the mail in votes were counted (50,000 vote lead, 40,000 vote loose in one case when less than 95,000 votes were counted). Statistically, that means almost all the votes were for Biden. Hmmmmmmmm !!!! Also, in almost every state/county were they mailed voting forms to EVERYONE, the voter particitation was over 90% when it had never been above 65% in ANY previous general election. Things keep getting curiouser and curiouser……according to Alice !

    Oh, BTW: Biden, Harris, Shumer, and Pelosi ALL said that they would win after the mail in votes were counted…..back in September and October no less !!! Things that make you go “Hmmmmmmmm”

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