#1: National Guard Shocker – Antifa Ran WILD

Remember when the media said rioting was “patriotic?”

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  1. Democrats UNABLE to think clearly. They DO the very behaviors, and APPROVE the very behaviors they CLAIM to disapprove of!!! They have NO wisdom and just appear to be totally INCAPABLE until they or theirs becomes a victim! Then, who do they call? The police, the very agency they want to DEFUND!!! This is a new definition of insanity!!!

  2. Buckle up. With Biden the fool in office on the 20th we are in for a rough ride. That is if he can make it through the year. Then we will have a VP that will make our country even worse.

    1. the VP Harris is more terrible and dangerous for the US. She must be impeached too so that the US can again be a free and peaceful country.

      1. I agree that Harris is extremely dangerous, the worst that could happen to our country. Pelosi has stacked her deck well. She knows Biden isn’t long for the ride and that it won’t be long before they get rid of HarrIs. Then, it’s her dream come true — Pelosi is in the White House. We may be better off if Biden lasts the first 2 two years; I honestly don’t know. It’s tragic any way you look at it. The first 2 are dangerous and the third is crazy and all 3 are evil.

  3. They are such hypocrites. Where was their condemnation when Antifa made American cities look like war zones. when they attacked Washington DC
    trying to burn a popular Protestant church requiring President Trump to be put in a safe area in the White House? Everything they accused President
    Trump of is exactly what they were doing. Biden is calling for Unity and at the same time want to call all the millions of Trump supporters Terrorists?

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