#1: Maxine Waters REMOVAL Announcement [Developing]

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9 Responses

  1. Ms Waters,needs to be out of politics she incites people and tell folks to stay on the streets and get more confrontational! Why on earth would she do this? It to hurt and injury people.Who is she referring to as them or they ? Is it police, white people in general ? Really,out you go!

  2. Maxine Waters needs to be removed From Congress now. Her actions are illegal and dangerous.

    Now let’s see what happens to Maxine Waters.

  3. There is no question but that she encouraged this rioting and needs to be impeached now. This is different then the Trump case where he is not identified encouraging rioting. He told the people to take a stand which all are free to do if it is done within the law. Waters said it, Trump has been accused of inciting a riot but it was already started before his people got there and sad but true some of the Trump people did get involved with the rioters.

  4. I guess she can’t be touched since she has said other stupid things, get rid of her she is a disgrace since she is inciting the rioters not trying top stop them

  5. Ms. Waters’ inciting of violence and FORCING A COURT TO DECIDE WITH THE MOB is a SERIOUS CRIME and cause for IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT!

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