#1: Kamala Harris Makes Shock Announcement

This is how you know that they’re lying about being “sad” about yesterday’s events – they immediately started politicizing it.

The Democratic party loved every second of January 6, don’t let them pretend otherwise.

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  2. Every one knows it was the Antifa even the police or FBI. They told senators to stay in in Monday. So that tell you it was planned . That way they was trying to attack President Trump again so the lies would not be found out. We can only hope the people doing this will be held accountable.
    God bless president Trump and his family.

    1. Yes, it seemed obvious to me but the FBI will interrogate at least 52, the # in custody at this point. If that is what they find no one will ever know. Even the FBI is crooked!

    1. The one thing we as patriots and Christians, have to remember is that even though the situation looks bad (and it does look bad), God is still in control. And remember one more thing, ” 14 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14-ESV)


  3. I am sick, sad, confused and knowing that America as we have always known is gone. I can not believe that the American people have no where to turn because the lying, disgusting democrats got away with this. How in God’s name do you horrible shell of a person sleep at night. I can’t believe that there has to be some or even one of you would tell the truth before the so called party of democrats, I will call them the idiot club and the qualifications to join are to be a liar, put money before anyone or thing, you have to have a scandal like being a pedifile, commit treason, lie like you never have before. I do not understand how you dirty idiotic people think President Donald J Trump was or is bad for America. I promise you this, he will be back and for everyone of you idiots will burn in hell, God will punish each one of you and I can not wait to see the pain that will be on you.


      1. CR mall, I really hope with all my heart that you are correct. I still keep positive thoughts that maybe something will happen to turn all of this around. I’m not ready for what “they” will put us through. If I wanted to be a Communist I would have relocated a long time ago. I hope payback will be soon.

    2. From your lips to God’s ear, Candice! They absolutely are the scum of the earth! Democrats would hate Heaven anyway because there will be only goodness, kindness, honesty and love. They would be so much happier in Hell where liars, cheaters and absolute sinners fit right in! In fact, they will be glorified by Satan! We should all take solace in that

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