#1: Kamala Harris CRUSHED – She’s Furious

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10 Responses

  1. Like Maxine said it’s a war out there . So, when the left starts to destroy your neighborhood blow them out of their socks. Set them on fire. They like burning so place gallons of gas on the ground and when they step in it, light them up ! There are so many things we can do to protect ourselves .

  2. Waters ,Biden,Pelosi and any other Democrats that push violence needs to be gone this violence is out of hand by these Democrats,media blm, Democrat politicians it’s time to put their fire out let them know it will no longer be .the violence has really got to a dangerous point since Democrats took over.and the cities run by Democrats are out of control .they live each day for violence. It needs to stop .its like no one had a voice but Democrats stop the violence now Republicans stand up and protect this country and it’s people. Stick together for once and be one party 22,24 is coming fast.

  3. Oh, wait a minute, The Dems are going to make guns in America illegal and confiscate every ones firearms.
    Thank goodness, the Coyotes and smugglers can all become gunrunners. The best part is only criminals will have guns.

  4. Harris and Waters are terrible citizens for violence and offering money to criminals. Neither (and many others) should be in any government position. We need to demonstrate our principals and get rid of them! SOON!

  5. The democrats should be listed as a terrorist group.

    Biden and Harris need too be removed. Unfit to serve.

    It’s their way . What are they doing for the people?


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