#1: Kamala Caught On Camera – What A Disgrace

What a disgrace.

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17 Responses

  1. Harris has no respect for anyone not even her self .she is so out of touch.i notice too like Hillary harris and that one pants suit she wears every day she has worn that crap from day one.hillary at least had many one just as ugly as the other but she did change.harris has one and only one .I think she is really a man the way she stands her legs are so far apart when she stands still.i dont trust her .

    1. No matter what she wears, she can never be trusted………Wonder how often she changes her Depends?

  2. What a piece of garbage trash scum waste by this POS !! She was a Big Time Loser in the debates because people could See her unqualified ignorance and corrupt evil intentions but only thru Cheating by Dem Politicians, is going to be another Fabulist pResident to harm America further Worldwide!! Impeach this Thing ASAP!!!

  3. People expect too much from “Kameltoe Paris” which is her movie or stage name . In words that all the ignorant dem leaders can understand — She is a W***E , plain and simple and the devil is paying Her .

  4. She is too good for us lower life forms. See can’t see who she is looking over. How dare the media ask these question of the queen of lies. All to hail with king biden and gang

    1. If you happened to see Biden’s acrobatics ascending to AF1, then you might have noticed that he didn’t return the salutes of his Marines as the ramp. Even my husband’s father knew it was common curtesy to return a salute no matter the rank giving it. Where did these people learn their manners–in a barn?

      1. I saw that too! Also the statement God Bless our Troops. What happened to God Bless America? That is what the troops are fighting for!

      2. The Clinton’s snubbed the military, the Obama’s looked down their noses at them. Even Jimmy Carter (a WW II veteran) used them as servants when he was in the White House. I guess the elite Democrats just think themselves better than everyone else.

      3. Their manners conceived while politicians, & the sewer taught them the rest………They have always been sewer material.

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